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I’ve done several editing passes of 16 Years Later now, and I intend to get together with my sister this weekend to do another.  I’ll send it to a few publishing types, and if I don’t get any takers I’ll … Continue reading

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I have a couple different art acquisitions potentially underway.  “Potentially” because I can’t be certain that either will entirely pan out.  We shall see. The first is that I may be buying one of the original silk paintings that illustrate … Continue reading

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I’m sorry I haven’t been posting much.  Apparently I’m writing a novel instead.  This is as much a surprise to me as it is to you.  I haven’t the faintest idea what I’ll do with it. It’s called 16 Years … Continue reading

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I recently came across the music of Marian Call, which I quite like.  Quite a lot of it is nerd-centric, especially Firefly-nerd-centric, and as I’m a nerd it works well. One of my favorite songs is “Got To Fly” about … Continue reading

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