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While listening to the radio in the car I realized that I seem to have a thing for sun songs – four songs that prominently mention the sun (or sunshine) and that I love.  Now I’m trying to think of … Continue reading

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I have a couple different art acquisitions potentially underway.  “Potentially” because I can’t be certain that either will entirely pan out.  We shall see. The first is that I may be buying one of the original silk paintings that illustrate … Continue reading

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Still not a luxury

Not much to say, just that I’ve been working on a typographical art type thing.  I’m pretty pleased with it.  I’ve made a couple versions; I think I’m going to print one out and pin it up somewhere significant, once … Continue reading

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I was cranky this past week.  Not for any particularly good reason, mind; life was actually going pretty well.  Just cranky. But I’m happy to report that I’m a lot better now.  I got to sleep in two mornings in … Continue reading

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