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Every Sunday Hero takes Beauty out for breakfast.  She’s always enjoyed it, but lately her ability to express that enjoyment has been growing by leaps and bounds. Hero typically orders pancakes for the baby, and an omelette with breakfast potatoes … Continue reading

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Beauty was wonderful today.  She was cheerful and charming and slept well and it was marvelous.  Except for the couple of times she melted down, but we’ll ignore that.  Or something. She’s one of those children who doesn’t notice she’s … Continue reading

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Passing of a password

My email account got hacked yesterday.  Someone got in (presumably they brute-forced the password) and attempted to send a whole bunch of spam emails.  Fortunately Gmail is a pretty well-designed service and refused to send the majority of the emails, … Continue reading

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According to one blog, “Google is developing a service that will tell you what you’re reading.”  Um, thanks? I gather it’s an extension of the program that notices when I’m on a page in German and offers to translate, which … Continue reading

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You know, it’s really a shame that all the coolest idioms are about being drunk.  Well, that and a few other things like sex.  But the point remains that there’s no way for me to use them on a regular … Continue reading

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