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I’m still more or less sick.  I was pretty dead yesterday, but Hero was here and took care of me.  Now I’m slightly recovered and Beauty is mostly better, which is not the most ideal of combinations but such is … Continue reading

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Community Bible Study again.  We’re doing Genesis. And the leader pointed out a lovely similarity in the beginnings of Genesis 11 and Genesis 12. Genesis 11 is the story of the tower of Babel.  The people looked around and, in … Continue reading

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I wish that all of you were as I am. So said Paul in 1 Corinthians 7.  He meant unmarried, because he was free to serve God without having to support and love a wife. Some time ago I read … Continue reading

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I am writing this because it seems like a healthier behavior than sitting here and letting my brain come up with new ways to worry I’m not good enough.  It’s quite good at that, mind you. The baby has been … Continue reading

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Yesterday was the women’s Bible study, and we watched part of a sermon by Joseph Prince where he was talking about Yeshua calming the storm, and he mentioned that it was safe for Yeshua to go to sleep, because He … Continue reading

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You know what I don’t get?  People who over-decorate their children’s rooms.  Apparently it makes them happy, but I still don’t get it. It starts with the perfectly manicured nursery, with designer furniture and matching linens (which will get various … Continue reading

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Prodigal Details

This….is not as much on my mind now as it was a couple months ago, but just the same I’ve been carrying this post around in my brain for too long to just forget it.  So I’ll type it up … Continue reading

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Hodu L’Adonai

A couple weeks ago we went to a Messianic Jewish retreat thing for the weekend.  And it wasn’t ideal – I got some sort of stomach bug and spent half of it throwing up, not to mention getting very annoyed … Continue reading

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First Birthday

Beauty is one year old today.  Hero is out of town today, so we celebrated last night, with all the family on both sides.  I had hoped to keep it simple and non-threatening, and we did okay, but there’s a … Continue reading

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To Keep In Mind

Hero and I have created our home rules over the past few years…we’ll probably add more, and tweak these, but I’m fairly happy with them for now.  They’re not really rules in my mind, more statements of things worth remembering. … Continue reading

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