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Melted Crayon Paintings

I made this today.  I’m displaying a couple pieces of art at AMF this summer, and I think this will be one of them. I’m pleased with it, I think.  I’m not sure.  I might redo it in blue and … Continue reading

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Messiah Conference is in a week, which means the leaders for the teen program, including Hero, are hard at work getting stuff done.  This includes making posters to advertise various events, a task which Hero has wisely outsourced to me … Continue reading

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Finding Nessie

More ATC’s!  There’s been a lot of art posts lately.  Hopefully Beauty will do something especially cute soon.  And I’ll write about speaking in tongues tomorrow.  That should be interesting. I found Nessie!  This is for a Loch Ness Monster … Continue reading

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Behold, my very first ATCs!    For those not in the know – ATC stands for Artist Trading Card.  It’s a little artwork the size of a baseball card or a poker card that people send to each other for … Continue reading

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