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Weaning Again

A while ago I posted that we’d begun the weaning process.  Only as it turns out, we hadn’t really.  After missing that night, Beauty was quite certain she never wanted to miss another.  So we kept on with it.  She … Continue reading

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And Break

Daisy Yellow’s Building a Rainbow concludes with black or white, but I didn’t really do either.  I just played around with the fact that the ink in my black pen bleeds badly if I put water on it.  The overall … Continue reading

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Watercolor Psych

One of the things I’ve learned about myself recently is that art only happens for me if I get the psychology right.  If I’m worried about wasting valuable resources, or creating clutter, or anything like that, nothing happens. So while … Continue reading

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We had a one-day women’s retreat yesterday, which was really very lovely.  And I got to spend lots of time with good friends, which is always nice. The short time didn’t prevent the retreat from being a time of deep … Continue reading

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I have a couple different art acquisitions potentially underway.  “Potentially” because I can’t be certain that either will entirely pan out.  We shall see. The first is that I may be buying one of the original silk paintings that illustrate … Continue reading

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ICAD the second

I’ve been doing much better this week about doing one index card each day, with maybe a couple extra on the weekend.  It really is very pleasant to know I’ve done something creative each day, even if it was only … Continue reading

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Hero makes it very hard to be an efficient person sometimes :) Not because he gets in the way.  Actually, he’s quite an efficient person himself, so that’s pretty much never the issue.  It’s just that he has his priorities … Continue reading

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Setting my Sights

Guess I haven’t posted in a while.  Huh. I’ve actually been quite busy.  You see, I came up with an Idea.  And it has kept me busy. The Idea is this: I meet certain goals I have set for myself, … Continue reading

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Baby Non-Play

Everybody needs different things at different times.  These needs may change unexpectedly.  Plan accordingly. Also known as: Every baby is different. Also known as: Argh. My mother was (is, for that matter) a fabulously creative mother.  Most of my best … Continue reading

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Are Cornell Students Psychic? – NYTimes.com

Are Cornell Students Psychic? – NYTimes.com. Saw this snippet from the Freakonomics blog and found it fascinating.  It starts with subliminal “priming” – quickly flashing a negative image or word makes subjects quicker to identify the next image or word … Continue reading

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