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The Sound and the Nerdery

I was fairly good at recording Beauty’s every move and word and discovery, but less so with Kitten.  This is life.  We do have plenty of photos of her, so that’s something. Kitten is more cheerful than Beauty was at … Continue reading

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I’ve been playing with a new swirly shape, which I’m calling “Accepted” because the top kinda makes me think of two people looking at each other.  Anyway, I’ve cut a bunch, sized for a 5×7 canvas, from paper and contact … Continue reading

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Dear Silhouette

I have a new artwork!  I like it most of the time :) I started with a square piece of matboard scrap and covered it in blues and greens.  I’ve finally got sick of the weird mixing properties of craft … Continue reading

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Melted Crayon Paintings

I made this today.  I’m displaying a couple pieces of art at AMF this summer, and I think this will be one of them. I’m pleased with it, I think.  I’m not sure.  I might redo it in blue and … Continue reading

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Behold, my very first ATCs!    For those not in the know – ATC stands for Artist Trading Card.  It’s a little artwork the size of a baseball card or a poker card that people send to each other for … Continue reading

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Barium Chromate

For this round of Daisy Yellow‘s Building a Rainbow Challenge I am hosting lemon yellow!  (As usual, click on an image to be taken to its source.) Since I wasn’t sick, I haven’t done a whole Pinterest board this time. … Continue reading

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I am so excited to be participating in my very first Blogging Event!  Okay, I guess it’s not that big a deal.  But I’m still excited.  Daisy Yellow is hosting a Building a Rainbow Challenge, and I volunteered to host … Continue reading

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Psyched Out

You’ll be glad to hear that my mini watercolor kit works beautifully!  The only issue is that a couple of the colors came loose from the surface of the tin as they dried, which made them very slightly harder to … Continue reading

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ICAD the second

I’ve been doing much better this week about doing one index card each day, with maybe a couple extra on the weekend.  It really is very pleasant to know I’ve done something creative each day, even if it was only … Continue reading

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brand new fun

I have officially had my Silhouette SD digital cutter  for three weeks now.  My first action was to cut up the box it came in to make a hut for the baby, which was very silly of me because we … Continue reading

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