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Um, hi? I haven’t been here in a while.  My brain wasn’t working very well.  It’s a good thing the internet doesn’t have people wandering around reporting abandoned blogs. Okay, scratch that.  Abandoned blogs probably should be recycled.  Not the … Continue reading

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I am fourteen weeks along, and officially thoroughly into the second trimester.  I should be getting my energy back, and the nausea should go away and my appetite return, and overall I should be glowing and loving life. Right. Yeah, … Continue reading

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Explain To Me Again…

…why I shouldn’t just go throw up …why I can’t eat Nutella straight out of the jar …why laundry needs to exist …why I can’t plop Beauty in front of the TV all day …why my head hurts …why I … Continue reading

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Life would be much easier right now if I just had a stomach bug.  If I was sick, throwing up would accomplish something and I could go throw up whenever I felt like it and be better in a day … Continue reading

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I’m pregnant!  Most of you know that, actually, since apparently my blog is the last thing I’m updating about this.  But I have to post something. I’m probably about seven weeks along.  I’ve had breast tenderness for a couple weeks … Continue reading

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