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I’m doing the Documented Faith project this year, which so far means taking some time during the weekend to journal about what I’ve been thinking/praying about and do some intuitive-ish art.  I’ve been posting to the facebook group, but I … Continue reading

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I wanted to make some holiday cards, mostly for Beauty’s various teachers.  And for the staff at her gymnastics program, who I recently realized have been turning a blind eye to the fact that Kitten isn’t actually supposed to join … Continue reading

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(Okay, I don’t normally bring up blog analytics in posts, but in the last week or so my Zebra post got dozens of hits and I have no idea why.  It’s very disconcerting.) Like many artists, I make art as a … Continue reading

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Squashed Star

I feel like I’ve been incredibly prolific lately, but when I went to look at things apparently not.  Maybe I’ve just been prolific for a mother of two small children.  Or maybe it’s all been in my head.  I do … Continue reading

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