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I’ve been quite entertained by some of the spam comments I get.  Some, of course, are straight-up advertisements: 100% Proven To Transform Your Blogs Into Money Making Machines Within Minutes!  Get Your Copy Today! and some are just gibberish generated … Continue reading

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ICAD the third

The ICAD project seem to lend itself to using quotes as part of art, something I haven’t done in a while.  and when I went to do so, I discovered that apparently I don’t have a fund of quotes available … Continue reading

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Apparently I’m in a silly mood today.  Feel free to contribute your own in the comments. **** Dear God, Please excuse my son Satan for his dreadful behavior the other day.  His dog died just last week, and he’s been … Continue reading

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Why do they sell scented baby wipes?  No one I know buys them on the grounds that added fragrances probably aren’t good for babies.  Clearly someone is buying them, but who? For that matter, why are douches still on the … Continue reading

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