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The Yogurt Conundrum

Beauty is currently crouching on her dining room chair, clutching a fork and moaning “oh noooooo” over and over.  She has been for some time.  Nearly twenty minutes so far. I am unclear as to the point of this particular … Continue reading

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Try Again

Today seems to be a day of starting over.  Or not.  I did spend some of it in tears. We started with an hour-long tantrum this morning.  Beauty dumped corn flakes on the floor.  I requested that she help pick … Continue reading

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Hello again. I finished 16 Years Later.  The first draft, anyway.  I’ll get into editing it soon.  I’m apparently capable of writing 52,000 words in ten days, give or take, which is quite a surprise.  Admittedly not much else got … Continue reading

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