More Sketches

I finished another of my little handmade sketchbooks.  (Someone online posted about making sketchbooks that use a greeting card as a cover, which sounds like a really nice size to work with – I might try that next.  I could use some of the blank cards the girls have painted.)


Two friends of mine, brothers who look a lot more like each other than they look like these sketches, drawn during a New Year’s Eve party at my parents’ house.  (Hero and I and the girls have a New Year’s tradition of poking around online until we find a livestream of BBC, and watching the countdown and fireworks there.  That way “midnight” is at seven and we can put them to bed.)

The conversation was a little crazy.  One brother did say that if aliens landed, they would look like his brother, but did not call his own tush evil.  That said….


One of Beauty’s friends, done at a birthday party while the guests watched part of Frozen, one of the ladies at Community Bible Study, my mom (also at CBS) and my father-in-law.  I’m having trouble doing my mom – I think my mental image of her is different from what she actually looks like.  Probably younger, given that she is my mom.


Kitten sitting on my father’s lap, done with great stealth so she wouldn’t notice I was drawing and come over to watch.  They were watching fly-fishing videos on Dad’s tablet, so that helped.


And a trio of portraits, done with watercolor on index cards, as a gift for their mother, who is a friend of mine.  The blurred-out parts in the lower right corners have their full names.  Watercolor was fun, because I have much more tonal variation than I usually do.  I don’t know that I’ll be able to do it often, but it was fun.  The girl is five, the boy in the middle is three, and the boy on the right is a newborn – I did it from his birth announcement photo.  He looks like an old man in the photo, too.

I’ve occasionally been sketching non-face things too, but I still find faces the most interesting. So I have fun.

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1 Response to More Sketches

  1. Your sketches are great! Such energy :)
    don’t worry about the weird conversation, we have ones like that here every day!

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