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The Very Best Crazy, part 3

12 Great Reasons To Start Alternate Nostril Breathing: | Rejuvenation Lounge. Alternate. Nostril. Breathing.  As in, you cover one nostril to inhale, cover the other nostril to exhale, and then reverse it.  The article suggests starting with 12 repetitions and … Continue reading

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I am so excited to be participating in my very first Blogging Event!  Okay, I guess it’s not that big a deal.  But I’m still excited.  Daisy Yellow is hosting a Building a Rainbow Challenge, and I volunteered to host … Continue reading

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My mom is reading A Shepherd Looks At Psalm 23, which is exactly what it says on the tin.  (Incidentally, why are Amazon urls so ridiculously long and complicated?  it’s the only website I can think of where I can’t … Continue reading

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The Very Best Crazy, part 2

(I like to blog about the best of the insanity that I come across on the internet.  ‘Tis fun.) I just came across the Sugaku font series by Luc Devroye, who I gather is associated with dafont.com in some way.  He … Continue reading

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Baby Non-Play

Everybody needs different things at different times.  These needs may change unexpectedly.  Plan accordingly. Also known as: Every baby is different. Also known as: Argh. My mother was (is, for that matter) a fabulously creative mother.  Most of my best … Continue reading

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Hodu L’Adonai

A couple weeks ago we went to a Messianic Jewish retreat thing for the weekend.  And it wasn’t ideal – I got some sort of stomach bug and spent half of it throwing up, not to mention getting very annoyed … Continue reading

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Three Things that Are Annoying Me Right Now

(Well, during the last few weeks at least.  Took a while to collect three, but posting just two seemed silly.  Or something.) 1  John Ringo He’s an author who writes military sci-fi novels and the like.  Hero and I recently … Continue reading

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The Very Best Crazy

I think once in a while I’ll post quotes or links to some of the more …special, shall we say? opinions on this wonderful internet.  I enjoy reading and laughing at them; perhaps you will too. The following is from … Continue reading

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Minor Peeve #133

It’s going “through the wringer” NOT “through the ringer.”  I have seen “ringer” in too many blogs from people who normally know better and it’s really starting to irritate me.  A “ringer” is a person who rings church bells, according … Continue reading

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Are Cornell Students Psychic? – NYTimes.com

Are Cornell Students Psychic? – NYTimes.com. Saw this snippet from the Freakonomics blog and found it fascinating.  It starts with subliminal “priming” – quickly flashing a negative image or word makes subjects quicker to identify the next image or word … Continue reading

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